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Sunday Oct 11th.
DAMN, the trip is half over, and no time machines in sight, to back the world up a few days. Back on the road, we were headed to Norcia, another walled city, but not on a hill this time. When we rode to our present location, two days ago, we were within 15 miles as the crow flies of Norcia, but today’s route would take us about 150 miles to get back, got to love twisty roads.

The route would take us around the Gran Sasso and the highest peaks in the Appinines, at 9,500 feet. We were headed UP all morning, on MORE beautiful twisty roads.

Rob, or rather Gretchen advised us that after we stopped climbing and came into a high flat plateau with a small building out in the middle of nowhere, to stop and get the best hot chocolate in Italy. Sure enough, ou can’t miss it , we stopped and the proprietor unlocked for us, it IS after season after all, but he said he had no chocolate, so we settled for cappuccino, while soaking up the warmth of the sun in the cool mountain air.

As we were finishing our drinks, in pulls an SUV pulling a generator on a trailer, and out comes a couple of people carrying supplies, including the chocolate. They parked and hooked up the generator and low and behold the interior lights came on. So what the heck, we ordered some of Italy’s best hot chocolate. Why we were drinking/eating what is btter described as warm chocolate pudding, the others on the tour rolled in, so we sat and conversed, before Brad, Kate and us decided we were going to ride up to the top of Campo Imperatore, where the Italians imprisoned Mussolini, in 1943, before the Germans came to rescue him. It is now a resort and ski slope, with breathtaking views,

We descended to the lowlands and to a local “ricky racer” road on the north shore of Lago di Campotosto, another fine piece of Italian live stock engineering. We stopped at a small place overlooking the lake, and had another fine Italian lunch, served by the families kids that were all of 8-10 years old.
View at lunch

And if you wonder if the food is fresh, this area is adjacent to the place. Full of chickens and turkeys,

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