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Major updates! I gave the site its own domain now, but more importantly I've added inseam and the ability to place your feet on the ground (or as close as possible). Major caveats on the latter though - I had to crudely guess how much ground reach would be compromised by the seat shape of any bike, so I divided them into rough categories and basically assigned magic numbers to shorten the apparent thigh length. If anyone finds a bike they can flat-foot in real life but can't in the sim, or the reverse, please let me know.

The "suspension compression" raises the ground level to simulate the lowering of the bike that would occur when you sit on it due to the suspension. Obviously this depends on the bike, its suspension settings, and your weight. The default of 3/4" is probably fine.

I've also corrected the thigh and leg lengths. The legs were too short before because I had them set as identical in length to the thighs, but that neglects to account for your foot thickness. The lower leg combined with the foot is quite a bit longer than the thigh alone so now that's fixed. As a result, legs when riding now correctly wrap around the tank instead of way below it.

I didn't have time to add any bikes (except the Ducati Diavel) due to these enhancements but tomorrow I will add most or all of the bikes you guys have been requesting.
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