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Originally Posted by sailah
I have the M1X with extender. It's apples and oranges if you aren't using the extender and Li Ions. Your Cabelas light is rocking a Li Ion battery pack. Get that M1X up to its potential and retry, I'd be interested to see your notes as I have never used the Cabelas light. If you are using it with CR123 batteries it won't be close to its output.

Just as a comparison I put my M1X up against the custom light I had made using the SST-50 LED. I expected great things out of that little pocket rocket. The JetBeam blew it away, and I mean by a lot. I guess I should know better just by the reflector size of the Jetbeam.

I do like the rechargable aspect of the Cabelas, I keep a Li Ion charger in my truck so I can do all my Li Ions with one charger, but it's sorta lame having to take the batteries apart.

Report back with beam shots!!!

Why are the LI Batts producing more light? Are the 123 cells not up to the task when it comes to current draw? I notice in their literature that the lumens remain the same between all the batt combination's and only the run time changes.

What's the best LI 18650 batt/charger setup to get?

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