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that would make sense but everyone wants to play in the GS 1200cc beast shaftdrive adv segment.
notice how all the bikes are generally designed the same way...after the 1200 gs. i can see other players coming in. this is THE segment to compete in from the mfg. perspective and thus this new honda.
i just hope it stays at 1200cc and it's doesn't become an engine size race which would be dumb.

the 800cc market is such a newer segment is extremely varied from street bike to adv bikes. honda just entered w/ a hybrid nothing more nothing less. they actually might be on something cutting edge if you look at all the beasts that never make it offroad anyway. this is huge in europe.

Originally Posted by bingbong
Can't help but think Honda have got it arsed about face. The 800 should be the off road oriented bike and the 1200 should be road, cross runner. Surely 110-115bhp is possible from the 800 put it on a diet too and you have plenty for a on/off road tourer. Who's gonna take that big 1200 off road with any confidence? Jimmy Lewis maybe, not me. I predict the 1200 GS will be about 50kg lighter than the 1200 honda.
I like the design direction of both the crosses and applaud honda for making them. Price and weight will decide their popularity though.
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