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Originally Posted by JimmieA
I love my Varadero. I would urge you to get one while you can, they will run out of stock at some point. The price is not too bad. Old Hondas become much loved Hondas as far as I can tell. I would advise to keep the XRL as a single track bike for a few years. I can honestly say that I have not worn out my street plated XR400R though and I have not ridden my DR650SE in a year. The XL1000VA is not light, is not a KTM950. etc but is is a great Adventure tourer and it is one hell of a lot cheaper than the new 1200 will be. AND IT HAS CHAIN DRIVE!!! Drive shafts (u-joints)do not like long travel suspensions at all. I think I would perfer a Vtwin to a V4 in an adventure tourer and who (at least in Canada) would need the power of a 1200, the 1000 has more than enough. My friend had a like 196X Honda 90 or some such. He went into the Honda dealer and got basically every part he needed to restore the bike. The parts man was his brother in law but he told me this story and I believe it is true.

From what I can determeine from the many hours I have spent on this site is that there are 100 different peoples version of an adventure bike. Some say the Suzuki DRZ400 is an ADV bike than there is the GS1200 and everything inbetween.

I want to be able to do 1000 mile days in something near comfort, I want to do gravel roads, I want something near weather protection like a good windsheild, heated grips and enough juice to power heated vest is good. I need enough weight in the bike to withstand side winds and transport trucks and bad spots on the roads, I need to be able to carry enough luggage to be on a long trip in some comfort, I want a great big gas tank even if it weights a ton, I like to be going 100 MPH when I pass a transport truck if I want to, I want good gas mileage, like a KLR650 or better even if I weight about twice what he weights and am wider by a bunch. Nice to be able to get aftermarket accessories for the bike too at a fair cost. A dead reliable bike and a good dealer network is a good thing too. All this and some things I forgot is the XL1000VA Honda Varadero my gentle readers.


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