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.....Just an idea.

Good luck, thanks again, PM me some day if you want ride ideas, and CONGRATS on 30 years of marriage!


Hey Doug

Love It! This sounds like someone who has done there homework [pun intended] here. In all seriousness this is the kind of wisdom I expected from the adventurers of this site, and I have not been disappointed. This coincides withe what I have been thinking and feeling. My problem, and my weakness is that I am a man of strong passions [native American, and Irish Ancestry] that tend to get me in trouble if I don't control it, and this despite the maturity of my years [58]! I've always maintained that I will never grow old gracefully, and that I am firm believer in "Peter Pan" I won't never grow up! Who or what defines how we are supposed to act a certain age anyway...... ! A discussion best left for campfire somewhere, sometime!

I like your insight. The Fox and I will celebrate 30 on April 11, 2011. Did your parents happen to live on or come from the Appalachia's near Cumberland? We seem to possess a similar tastes and insights when it comes to Beautiful, Smart Women and great Motorcycles! I may have a long lost brother!

May You and Your Girlfriend
[they will always be our Girlfriends]
Know Many Great and Wonderful Rides Together

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