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Mechanical stability of the USB connector with the 62s

I got myself a 62s for a trip heading down to South america lasting half a year or so and Iīm not sure if I shall keep it or send it back...
The device itself is quite nice and the free maps of OSM work fine, but Iīm concerned if the connector mechanically will survive this trip...
(My 62s will be placed in my map compartment of the tank bag and will be connected - when onroad - with a Mini USB. Though when going off-road (or when hiking or sightseeing) Iīll detach it and run it on batteries. This at least the theory... )

I just wonder - is there some hands-on experience with the mechanical stability of the USB connector of the 62s? (Actually I didnīt find any real hands-on reviews. Mainly some concerns are listed but I didnīt see anybody actually having some mechanical issue with the USB...)
Please note - i donīt speak about electrical issues!
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