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Originally Posted by Hodakaguy
Why are the LI Batts producing more light? Are the 123 cells not up to the task when it comes to current draw? I notice in their literature that the lumens remain the same between all the batt combination's and only the run time changes.

What's the best LI 18650 batt/charger setup to get?

The CR123 batteries are typically 3.0V and Li Ion are 3.7V. There are some CR123 rechargeables that put out 3.6V but probably not what you are running. Most people say the AW brand is the best, but it's like asking what the best motorcycle is.

I have the charger and batteries below and I really think it's the best bang for the buck. In order to use 2 18650's with your M1X, you'll need the extender. also sells AW batteries as it's just some guy in hong kong. They are more expensive, but I personally don't think they are worth it.

You can buy the combo but probably worth the extra couple bucks to upgrade the batteries to 2400mah, they last a lot longer. Don't get the 3000 however, most people say they dont last as long as the 2400-2600 types.
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