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Originally Posted by windmill
For folks with unlimited budgets, or who have won the lottery.
Nope, that is not a Mobec setup....

Mobec DOES make a 2-wheel-drive setup using the BMW paralever final drive,
but it comes out of the opposite side of the unit for sidecars mounted to the right (correct ) side of the bike...


What you are showing looks like a home-grown setup, but nicely done.

Although I would use a splined shaft with a boot rather than a rigid welded shaft to allow for some change in length with suspension movement,
and also to allow the shaft to be moved out of the way more easily for wheel changes.
Unless it is splined where it goes into the CV joints???

I also prefer welded wheels (or cast) vs. multi-part bolted/riveted wheels.
- No joints to maintain an airtight seal on.
- No worries about the fasteners loosening up over time/stress.
- No worries of stress cracking/fractures at all the many small drilled holes.
- Easier to clean (fewer/no sharp corners for dirt/mud to get stuck in).
But again, that is just a personal preference...


The idea of the locking hub is a good one. Mobec is a full-time 2WD, with no differential.
I have been playing around with some ideas/plans for a full-time 2WD sidecar rig based upon a BMW Boxer motorcycle, but chucking the entire stock swingarm and hanging the rear suspension for the bike and sidecar off of the sidecar frame; & using a racing cart limited-slip differential w/reverse built into it to tranfer power. I am still looking for a suitable donor bike for the project.
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