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Originally Posted by RFP52IA
the motorcyclist did something wrong that lead to that crash.
You had me till this. It's a nice bag of wind and helps a noob keep on their toes but it's simply not true, especially from a legality standpoint.

Here's how I would personally re-word it and get the same point across:
Anytime a motorcyclist is involved in any type of "accident" (or any unexpected situation) he/she should take a long hard look at what could have been done to avoid it.

If you read the faceplant section of this forum it's filled with armchair cyclists. I've often thought that if a rider was struck and killed by a meteor someone here would say they should have checked the forecast closer
It is very good to analyze how you can be more prepared for situations in the future but always "blaming" the motorcyclist is a trend we are seeing more and more of.
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