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Originally Posted by Riff
Several of us where planing this trip back in August and for no good reason the plans of mice and men failed. I had originally calculated it would probably run each of us around $1,200.00 [gas, food and lodging]. So when I saw you where able to do it for $160.00 I started getting happy again. . I went out and got some gear to add to what I already had [light weight 2man tent just for myself like the room]. We where planing to do the camping thing, to econmize as much as possible, and take 6 - 7 days. I just like the idea you just went and did it, and did it well. Kick my self in the butt now. I WILL make the trip this summer even if I go by myself. Thanks Again
1200 dollars for 6 days is $200 per day; it's pretty hard to spend two hundred dollars a day if you are camping!

Figure you'll probably ride 300 miles per day, at 50 mpg, that is 6 gallons, or about 20 bucks. If you buy one hot meal a day, that's probably $10-20, plus $10 more for the food you pack. Plus a camping fee of something like $10-20 per night. All told, $50-$70 per day, depending on where you sit on each item. That's $300-$400 for the whole trip, per person. If you want to get a motel/cabin one night, you might spend $500 per person, but still, $1200 each is STEEP.

For what it's worth, I have done the BRP one-way from Philadelphia once (2 days, skipped some sections for highway), and a loop down to the NC border and back in 3 days total. I'd definitely do it again, and do the whole thing, and I think $50 per day would be the most I would spend.
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