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Originally Posted by PowerCell
OK, I'm tiring of this. Firstly, you don't reduce power on an FI engine by restricting air supply. You just pull back timing and fuel. Simple...

Secondly, I have looked at every map. I have them all...

Lastly, I'm going to pass my FI crown on to you now. So all questions regarding FI I now leave for you to answer... I'll stick to tuning my bike and getting all these cables built. Good luck my friend, this thread is now yours...

Now that you have them all, try comparing the secondary throttle tables. You'll note that on the restricted maps I referenced, the secondaries begin to close at high RPM and WOT. Suppose you give me another reason than power restriction that you might want to do that at WOT where noise regs don't apply?

It's not that I don't want to learn, on the contrary- I'm interested in your theory of how reducing volumetric efficiency through intake restriction is not a way of reducing power in an IC engine, given that that is exactly what the primary throttle plate does. Or a dirty air filter etc.

Finishing a technical debate with "I'm tiring of this" smacks of someone who needs to be right in every situation BTW. This forum should encourage debate rather than outright assertions of "I'm right, you're wrong, it's my ball and I'm going home" when you meet a challenge. I'm not asking for the FI crown; with my engineering hat on I'm assessing the data available and drawing a different conclusion than you are on a point where you made what I believe to be an incorrect assertion.

BTW I run the -R map in my '09 990. Tuneboy install. I'm looking forward to the extra functionality of the Tuneecu program.
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