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I know I might be using some big words for some of the previous posters so please read more carefully and use a dictionary. Regarding my time in a Chicago jail. Think about how easy it is to get framed there. Do you know anything about Chicago's crooked cops?

You must think that paying a fine to the cop on the road in Mexico only happens to motorcycle adventure riders from outside of Mexico. Get a grip. For a long time I was curious about the payment of fines on the road to cops so I asked every national I had a chance to pose the question. 100% said they just pay the cop. I've watched it happen multiple times. In six years traveling Mexico and onto Ushuaia I have only been stopped 3 times. Only once was the stop bogus.

Knock yourself out, stand your ground and wait until hell freezes over for it to change. Oh yeah, and pot will stop crossing the MEX/US border as well.

There are lots of riders who simply want to enjoy a trip through Latin America. My article is for them. If I or they listened to the righteous (we U.S. citizens) have to change Mexico and the be afraid mentality (don't go to Mexico) stuff I am hearing on this thread in response to my article, no one would ever do anything.

I have a question, is Mexico to be considered were only the chosen few should venture? How about we let everybody enjoy a tour by giving them useful knowledge.

It doesn't take a tough guy to tour in Latin America (though some may think so) just a real person.
Read the article at Mexico Dangerous.htm

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