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Tip from an old guy

When someone pulls out in front of you, or when any kind of "other person" caused incident occurs, try this. Go to your happy place for about 5 seconds.
Let me explain. When the bad thing happens (like an oncoming left turn almost getting you) you have about 3 seconds before the adrenalin starts pumping for about 10 seconds. You need to learn how to stop this from happening. For me, I immediately think about something else. Usually I focus on the traffic and plan all my next 15 seconds of defensive riding, ie looking for escape paths, vehicles that can be used as blockers, other bad things that could happen etc. I attempt to put the "incident" out of my immediate mental focus. After doing this for a while some people have told me that they also can stop the adrenalin rush.
The adrenalin dose you no good. Thinking about what just took place might make you do something that you will regret, and will most likely ruin your day even if you don't act.
Later in the day mentally go over the incident and try to think of a way to lessen the probability of it happening again. Flash your head light, "cover" the brake, change lanes or whatever.
Next day think, Did I learn anything useful, or, just another street fight?
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