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sail2 and speedstar,

working on peg solutions tonight, may have something figured by early next week.....REVISED engineer just came in, nothing moving forward on footpegs nest week.

Bar risers we just filmed installing and verify the reach on 2 inch risers. and yeah cable clearance is all good, we will put that out early next week as well

Sail, the luggage rack work started this week, and we fully hear you on the thought process about hooks; to that point a few weeks ago we wrote story about how involved it got to do it right
see pictures and read here

As for crashbar and skidplate they have taken a majority of the time this past several weeks. were very excited about what we have finalized on. specifically what makes our skidplate design work so well is the time and thought that went into the mounting system, specifically the brackets 3/16 stainless. after some much sheet work we are really honing our craft. these are stout brackets that will not bend and allow the skid plate to impact the bike during big hits. (we will get something out soon so you guys can see) we are even taking it a step further with a replacement Billet cap which will further makes the mount bomb proof, and to finalize we are working on a impact pad that will to further distribute impact across 90% of the surface area of the sump for the serious off rider...

lots more coming....
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