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Received my Sena dual kit, and two sets of earbud mounts from the USA on Thursday. All there (inculing AUS power plug adapters) and well packaged. So far I have had to use the 3M self adhesive mounts on 2 of the 3 helmets I have fitted, as the linings on my BMW System 5 flip and my AGV race helmet, are firmly fixed to the shell. I am a bit hesitant to stuff a 1" chisel in there to make a space for the anchoring tab which you allen screw into place.

I will post some photos of the various fitments soon.

As an old (and technologically challenged) bloke, I was happy with how easily I got the units talking to each other, and to my phone.

With the voice activated option, regardless of whether we were still talking, the maximum talk time phased out 20 seconds after initating the conversation. I have reverted to manual operation now, because the XO (executive officer) rarely can get said what she needs to say in 20 seconds.

She has an astonishing ability to want to say something, JUST as Keith Richards is getting into a really nice lick, and interrupts my pleasure, but otherwise, sound quality is great; wind noise is nil; human/machine interface is great.

Thanks for your help Adam; The reason I queried the price of your invoice was that I really only wanted one earbud mount, but we got our wires crossed (can you get crossed wires with Bluetooth?) and you have provided two; perfectly happy to have a spare however.

To anyone looking at this thread and wondering whether Rocket Moto are the real deal, I can answer emphatically YES!!!! On my experience you can shop with Adam and his crew with 100% confidence.
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