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Midsummer day
Just before Wilhelmina goes the road to Stekenjokk. Have to ride to the
village and fill up both petroltank and can. It´s midsummer day and who
knows how the access to petrol is over the mountainroads is. Time has
passed one o´clock before petrol and etc is done.

Ride back to the turn to Stekenjokk and Klimpfjäll. After a while I start to
think, it´s midsummer day and pondering how camoings, petrolstations etc
is open further. It´s also a long ride before heading the Norwegian border.
Turn around and ride back to Wilhelmina and rent a cottage.
It´s now warm and pleasant weather. Sit on cottageterrace, drinking beer
and count all german caravantrailers dropping in behind my cottage.
Suppose it´s some kind of meeting and they party a lot and very noicy and
so it will be whole night?

Spending afternoon drinking more beer and take a walk in the village. The
germans begind my cottage party hard with drinking and dancing. Half past
eight I´m so tired so I can´t stay wake a second more. Get to bed and fall
asleep directly. Strange way to celebrate a midsummer day…..

Cottage in Wilhelmina

Wake up early, two o´clock. Make first pan of coffe and take a long walk.
Make my second pan, which will be enough for the whole day. Pack the bike
and get away already at five o´clock.
At Saxnäs there are a strange waterfall, named Trappstegsforsen. Waterfall
looks like a step. Pondering a while to take a walk in the area, but instead
fill up petrol and keep on riding. Have now noticing I´m getting to
mountains, it´s starting to get a little bit colder.

Trappstegsforsen at Saxnäs

Stekenjokk and actually whole reason for this trip. Rest of the trip will be a
bonus for me. Still lot of snow and I´m freezing. Las time I visit Stekenjokk
it was in middle of July and there where no snow at all beside the roads.
Apart from it´s a mountainroad there are nothing to see here, but….now
I´m here, all because I didn´t make a stop when visiting last time.

Still lot of snow beside the rapids

Cold ride ahead be continued
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