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Originally Posted by El Guero

2) Why are gun sellers the only assholes that won't eat credit card fees? Cash price blah blah blah, I can't imagine their margins are *that* low.
I have my FFL and used to actively buy and sell guns for many years. One thing I will tell you if they are just selling guns then their profit margin is not that good. Guns have the least mark-up of any item you will find at a gun store. I used to make a lot better money on accessories and miscellaneous items than I did guns. You might think that when they sell a gun for $700 then they make a nice fat so much, they probably paid 650 for it from the wholesaler. Also small businesses are eaten alive by credit card fees, it used to cost me so much for credit card fees that I ended up just working on cash or check towards the end, which probably hurt sales a little, but when the transaction fees are as high as they are for the small business you can't absorb them and make a profit, and customers don't like paying a 15% surcharge to even the playing field out (just as you complained).
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