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The statement has been made that I don't have much experience and that I am spamming. Let me cover both.

Credentials: Well I have crossed borders hundreds of times over the years including Eastern & Western Europe, Asia, Africa and most of Latin America. Traveling for our entire life my wife and I have over 50 countries under our belts operating one form of vehicle or other including backpacking. We've seen about almost everything that can can cause trouble for travelers. Besides motorcycle adventure riding and motocross I've hitched hiked across half of the U.S. sleeping under overpasses and flop houses. I've been held up 3 times twice being shot at and twice with a knife in my throat. I've led long term contract negotiations. Many of our closest friends work for a NGO. They are ex-military officers who have spent their entire life surviving around the world. One is currently working in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Syria at this time. A depth of knowledge is at my disposal. As a side note; I was once fortunate to gain knowledge of survival from John Testrake the pilot of the TWA airplane hijacked in Lebanon so many years ago while spending a weekend camping with him.

Spamming: As the first post indicated I initially tried to cut and paste the article I wrote but each time I tried it appeared the text was to big. Being new to posting on this form I simply placed a link to my site where the text was complete. If the majority of readers would like to spam this off of this form it is ok with me. If the majority of readers would like it to stay then please support that as well.

Readers can take or leave my position. Constructive dialogue is always appreciated.

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