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Originally Posted by Skippii
Cheap custom gun....thoughts?

I'd really like a single-shot rifle with a 28" barrell, chrome lined, and chambered for .243WSSM.

Seems like something that complicated would be really expensive.
But I actually really like the guns by NEF/H&R and T/C Arms, and the NEF guns especially are really cheap. The barrels are made to be swapped around on both those companies single-shot rifles. If I picked up a used NEF for like $100 in .308 or something, could I just send it in to one of those custom barrel makers, and have them put a replacement barrel on it cambered to my specs for another $400-500 or so?
Skip, NEF makes their handi-rifle in .243 already(edit I didnt see the WSSM bit at first) messing around at all for what you want. My son bought one in .223 and he has done really well with it. I have shot it quite a lot and it shoots good, wouldn't worry about customizing it too much, spend the money on a good scope for it and you will be in good glass will ruin your day no matter how much or little you spend on the rifle.

Edit: I wouldn't put too much store in the whole WSSM concept in projectiles that small, I can see their value in replacing the 300 win mag or the 338 mag...just makes sense, why move a bolt that much when you can shorten it up. The .243 is a pretty good performer and if you look at a couple of ballistic tables you wont enough difference between the 243 WSSM and the 243 Win to justify the expense, this table shows a good favorable look at the trajectory at 300 yards, but thats 300 yards and I don't know too many people who even shoot that far to be quite frank with you... check out this link:

Another thing you might consider if you are hell bent on doing the WSSM is looking for a bull barreled NEF, I bet if you were to talk to a good gunsmith (and I really mean good) you might be able to ream that chamber out enough to go with the WSSM case...just be really careful you don't get some idiot who doesn't know what he is it could very well be the last mistake you make.
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