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Originally Posted by usgser
Be interesting to see what you come up with and at what costs using a freewheeling unlocking hub from a 4WD vehicle since all it does is didconnect the wheel from the axle. Probably be easier to use a system like the little XJ Cherokees w/D30 axle and earlier 83/84 full size Wagoneers w/D44 axle used. It was a vacuum actuated splined collar and a two piece front axle shaft where the collar slides over the inner axle shaft connecting the two pieces. On a bike you could use a lever to slide the collar instesd of a vacuum motor. Be cheaper to get the shaft cut and splined than the machining needed to make an unlocking hub work.

Yep, a similar idea was used on this outfit. Shaft and chain still turn all the time though. Once the wheel is locked you can only ride it off-road and itís very hard to steer. (No differential). I donít know what cars you have that you can lock when still driving.

Sounds like a very good idea to me.

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