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Thanks for the photos Richard .Quote Once the wheel is locked you can only ride it off-road and itís very hard to steer. (No differential).Quote.

Chain drive.
I could mount the bearing housings on the center axel so i could loosen two nuts to move the complete shaft forward or back to take the chain off to disengage the sidecar wheel.
With a axel and u joints or cv joints on the other end to the bikes wheel
Should be easy to set up.

Shaft drive
both ends with axels and cv joints with the shaft in the middle held by two bearings. Use a free wheeling hub to dissengage the sidecar wheel.

This is a few pics of a rear shaft from a quad i had sitting around, just to give you some idea of what i am trying to do.

Chain drive

Shaft drive

This is a toyota free wheeling hub set up. the top half un bolts to take the disc off . Will be easy to bolt our hub adaptor to it, for the sidecar wheel.

I am having a look at a suzuki free wheeling hub tonight .
Half the size of the toyota one.

The axel for the sidecar wheel is not a problem as i am getting a
new swingarm made so we will make it to suit the chain drive or the shaft drive.
Old swing arm

Hub adaptor for the sidcar wheel . This will need to be changed to suit.
We still have two blank hub adaptors to play with.

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