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To all that said "nice bike", thanks.

Know what I hate about bikes? Previous owners.

The list so far:
Mismatched fasteners everywhere.

The front brake reservoir had been replaced by a piece of brake line . I put the reservoir back on and rebuilt the caliper too. Someone had removed the caliper pistons with channel locks at some point . MUCH firmer brakes now.

The carbon fiber muffler was mounted in such a way that the trans drain rubbed a hole in it.

The primary chain had 1" of vertical play (should have 1/2" max).

Clutch lever and perch worn out. It had been so long since it was cleaned or greased the bushing is worn through and the hole in the lever has turned oval.

Clutch cable broke when I tried to adjust it.

Tank vent leaks.

Drive belt way too tight.

no biggie though. A little elbow grease and a few bucks and all will be right in the world.
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