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Norwegian border after Stora Blåsjön
Found at Stora Blåsjön a petrolstation, automatic one, money in and out
comes some fuel. Fill up the can. Station is near the norwegian border and I
can see a long gravelroad, also a sign showing south wich says it´s only
fifty kilometers to Gäddede. From there I know roads are tarmac to Norway.
Only six kilometers on the gravel road to the Norwegian border. My
experience says that I think it´s only gravel to the border and then road will
be a good tarmac road.

Take a change and follow it, and notice I´m right. After the border roads,
heavinly new tarmac and twisted roads. I give full throttle and the
overloaded and instabel Innova protests a little bit in the curves. Enjoying
the ride!

Gravelroad on the swedish side. Good one, but sure slippery when it rains

And of course, nice tarmacroad on norwegian side.

Leave the twisted nice road behind me. Just before Namskogen I get to
closed tunnel. To open the tunnel you have to stop just before the gate.
Why it´s closed I don´t know, presumably of the exhaust fumes.
I can see there are dark cloud at the other side of the tunnel. Take of the
uggage, fill up and can at same time feel that rain is coming. Ride in to the
tunnel. Tunnel is from the old school, dark and cold. On the other side of
the tunnel it´s downhill. Rain stopes as riding down the hills.

Europeanroad, E6 at Namskogen. Which direction now? Shut my eyes a
while and turn south against Trondheim. Don´t advance a long when reality
reach me. Can´t ride south, have to be at home next day so it´s just to
turn back and ride north instead.

Wonder why there are a gate? be continued
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