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O.K. getting some time to continue the travelogue.

Sunday Oct 11th continued.

After a fine lunch of pasta and meat ragu, and a couple of fresh pork sausage, we hit the road again, wonderful sweepers and beautiful landscape as we made our way down from the high roads.

This part of Italy is a matrix of endless serpentine pavement, a cornering fanatic’s paradise for sure. We decide to deviate from the route and ride into Leonessa, another historic town in northern Lazio region. As we got close we soon found ourselves in a traffic jam of sorts, seems that the annual Potato festival was this weekend, and traffic parked along the road restricted traffic, luckily we were on wheels and splitting traffic, sometimes at walking speeds with our saddlebags rubbing against bumpers of cars, we made it to the traffic circle, but decided a turn to the north to Norcia, our destination for the night.

We needed fuel so we stopped at a station just out of town, and noticed a walled village high on the hill above. We doubled back and found the road up to Monteleone di Spoleto.

We rode into the walled town, which was pretty well deserted. The place was inhabited, but seems that on this afternoon all were inside, probably cooking Sunday dinner. We parked and continued to climb up to the top of the town.

As we went to the wall to take in the view. up jumps a Springer spaniel, on to the 18” wide wall with a 40 foot drop off on the far side, talk about knowing your territory! As we walked the town, the Springer would be our escort, following us in and out of the small streets and happily soliciting an occasional rub behind the ears.

We wandered around town for a while under the watchful eye of our canine escort , as we headed back to the bikes our escort decided payment was due, so she ran ahead and laid down belly up, looking for the ever elusive belly rub, we obliged, small price to pay for a guided tour.

Spotted this Piaggio APE, with a spoiler and custom paint.

The APE’s are all over the place, I saw several painted in the owners favorite Moto GP or F1 pilots colors, as they zoomed along at their 30 mph top speed.

We headed to the hotel on a wonderful stretch of pavement, and arrived just before dark. The hotel was in Norcia, another walled city. We were advised in advance that we would have to park outside the city, but that we could ride to the hotel and unload/let off our pillions, before parking, so we headed into town.

GPS is a wonderful tool, but anybody that uses one knows that in urban areas they become less than effective. Now try riding up 7’wide streets and as you can guess, reception is more than sketchy. So I tried to do some dead reckoning, but with the narrow one way streets that did not help, so we wandered around until I saw the church steeple, and we headed that way. Almost all of the churches are in the central square, which is open enough to get some gps reception. So we rode into the center of the square amongst all the pedestrians, and sure enough, the GPS came to life, showing the motel just ahead.

Another wonderful food, wine, and grappa feast that night, along with a good night’s sleep.
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