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Originally Posted by Gluaisrothaí
I have a map in my -09 A that's based on an -R map modified for Akra pipes and with some extra fuel low down in the L1 and 2 maps. It works reasonably well for me, I get a very consistent 37.5 US MPG running 75-85, and I've been happy enough for the last 10K not to mess with it more.

I'm happy to share, although I wouldn't try this in anything other than an -09 or newer due to some problems I've seen with immobilizer settings and the fact that the -09s on have different heads and cams- if anyone wants to try it, or at least look at it I can forward it on.

Hey G,

I'd be glad to step into the learning process here and give this a whirl! Check your PM's for my email address...
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