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Originally Posted by grinns
I tried them both tonight. Tune Ecu is pretty sweet. It works with the cable I got for tune boy too.

Here are some notes I noticed:
  1. map files are about half the size in TuneEcu when saved from ECU (compared to tuneboy maps)
  2. The map UI on TuneEcu is sweet, way better than tune boy.
  3. Both work on Win7 64bit
  4. Can't really do any "tests" in either of them. Mostly it appears its reading sensor data, which is limited in both. Still pretty good though.
I am sure head2wind has better opinions than me, since I bought the tuneboy cable from him. I have not tried to load a map through TuneECU. I only saved my current map.

grinns, which bike were you able to get the ECU tune from? On KTM990 Tuneboy can only write maps to the ECU but cannot read and save maps that are already on the ECU. Is TuneECU able to do that (read/save from ECU) on the KTM990?
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