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Location: Boden, North of Sweden and near the arctic circle
Oddometer: 355

Arctic circle raceway
Amply ten years ago was Mo i Rana an active city with lots of tourists. It
feels that then the camping ther closed, has the town in some way
degraded. Do anyway a quick tour through the city before heading north

Thirty kilometres north of Mo i Rana, Arctic circle raceway. Have never
passed without dropping in and take a look at the track. Happy when
reading a sign wich tells that some BMW-carclub has a meeting there.
Park just outside and ask if I can take a glance. Stairs up to the roof where
I can see over the whole track. I also can see activitys around my Innova.
It seems they have noticed the Akrapovic exhaust on it and their looks are

Assorted knowledge and courage on the track. Some drivers gives it all,
while some takes it easy. Here I can stay a whole day, watch and listen,
but time is ticking and I have to leave for further riding north.

North part of the track

A Briton amongst all German

Somebody step to hard on pedals

Arctic circle
Arctic circle north of Mo i Rana, touristtrap wich is hard to pass without
make a stop. Always lot of vehicles at the parkingplace.
I like to ride here. Before heading the actic circle area, it´s thickly wooded
and at the top of the mountains, I can´t desist to reach out my bikes and
give full throttle. That I do also with the Innova.

Well, buy a ice cream at the touristcenter, sit and study the passing
people. Do not a big thing about it, ride further north, of course with full
After the Arctic mountains it´s a long downhill, beautifull scenery with
greencolored rapids near at my right side, almost whole way down.
Someday I will give more time for this area.

Arctic circle

Sideroad to Silvervägen
Storfjord and the sideroad to Silvervägen and home. Fill up few kilometers
north of the sideroad. Chat with some tourists wich among others
wondering about the cc of the Innova. Couple of englishmen riding bikes
filmes Innova and ask questions about my Akraexhaust on it. There are
people wich understan racing also outside the track :o)

Full tank both tank and can.and then to the camping about one kilometer
north of the petrolstation. It´s only five o´clock when turning in to the
camping. Ask them if there are many cottage left to hire. My thoughts is to
manage a ride to Bodö via road 812 and then back via road E6 and Fauske.
Reserve a cottage for the guarantee sake.

South of Rognan, turnes on road 812 towards Bodö. Few kilometers and
reality comes up to, there are no change I have time to get back to the
camping in sensible time. I turn back and ride to the village Rognan, cruse
there a while and then turn back south.
Back to same petrolstation. Empty the can in the tank and fill up again the
can. Shop assistent sure wonder what I´m doing there again with my
three-fourlitres bills.

Spending evening at camping to make some grub and walks in the area. Fall
asleep at ten o´clock, very satisfied with my ridingday with Innova.

At camping, complete controll of the in-check from my cottagewindow be continued
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