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...and last bit

Six am when Innova turnes on road Silvervägen. Uphill ten per cent to
Junkerdal. No hurry, Innova spins nicely at the hills. There are not traffic so
we make stops here and there to check out the views..
Bordering Sweden at the Junkerdal touristcentre. As usual the centre looks
more like a place of work than a place where tourists overnights in the
cottage. New cottage has also added. I´m suprised everytime passing here
that the place has survived. Well, maybe they surviving by the
wintertourists, who knows!

Uphill, Innova struggles well

Stop sometimes and check the views

Open fields at Silvervägen
First part from the border is uphill, very long time and speedo shows
sometimes only 50 kph. On my favouritpart on Silvervägen, open fields with
small mountaintops wich gives a feeling of loneliness. I make often stops
and just lissen and enjoy the silence.

After mountains a haul home. Passing Jäckvik, it´s Sunday and the
combined store and petrolstation hasn´t open yet. Still, I have enough
petrol to manage Arjeplog.


Stop sometimes and check the views

Head down and home
Coffebreak and fill up at Arjeplog. Calculate it´s my last stop at a
petrolstation and fill up both the tank and the can.
Only about 250 kms home. From here I give full throttle and head down.
Few brakes and filling up from the can. Grub at Älvsbyn and then already at
home two pm.
The luggage off, sit down outside with a cold beer in my hand and enjoy
impressions from the journey.

One more perfect carry outed Norwaytrip on a Innova!

Coffebreak at Arjeplog
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