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Originally Posted by MonsterSteve
never heard of this happening on a hyper, keep us updated

I got the Duc back Thursday 11/11

here is the official e-mail ....... I spent most of today working on my DR350 and wiring GPS to the Hyper .... I will ride it Sunday and see what happens.

There was some extra clearance on the valve inspection cap. He corrected it by applying Ducati 1215 sealant to it. It was an easy fix and we don't anticipate the problem to reoccur. However, if you ever have anyone do your valve service other than us in the future you might want to mention that they need to use the sealer on that cap or the problem may happen again.


this is looking like my final set up

1) 09 Hyper
2) Riggs tank bag with suction cup attachment (very surprised at how well this works)
3) Cortech tail bag and saddle bags (enough for a 3 or 4 day trip easy though rain covers look iffy)

I think these are battle axe tires... not bad handling but they are not going to make 2,500 miles

I'm a piston farmer .....
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