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Originally Posted by Bob599
So Ned did you do a review of the 2 moto. Really interested in these but not many in Wisconsin. Really extensive trail riding on mostly bermed an groomed corners. Would you think the application would be a good one.
I never did a writeup, but the short version is, I thought it was pure magic in powder in the right range of snow conditions, which was fairly narrow. Too soft and you needed more horsepower, too firm and it was weird.

On hardpack like the trails I grew up snowmobiling in Northern New York, I'd rather put my eye out with a fork than use that thing. It crabbed this way and that grabbing ruts as it went along, it was f'in terrible.

But it was really cool in the right snow conditions. For me, it's too much money for another high-hassle-factor condition specific sport, I already have enough of those, and I hate being cold. But I can see the attraction.

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