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Set up for travel


-HARD CASES:Moto-Sport ( Baja 26 Liters
I also have their soft bags: Yukon model 27 L.

The Hard and Soft cases mount on the same racks so I can interchange them as I wish. I used the soft bags through Mexico and the hard ones in Europe and Central Asia. They both work well- they are on the small side so you need to think hard about what you want to carry- no blue jeans or other bulky stuff. I prefer the security of the hard bags for traveling.

Ortlieb dry bag with camping gear. Waterproof.

About $30. No complaints. I carried a spare tube in each side, plus raingloves, etc. on one side and a liter of water and other small stuff on the other. Still had room to spare. They keep out most water but leak in heavy rain so I pack things in Zip locks if they have to stay dry. I added a grommet hole in the bottom of each side so they would drain.


Suzuki stock rack with old, sawed-up cross country ski bolted on as a spare tire rack. Strong with a little flex in it.


Welding rod tube mounted exactly the way Greer showed here on her bike, except I doubled up on strapping and hose clamps (under the bicycle innertube padding). Holds a lot, and has been solid for 30,000 miles of hard use.

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