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Great project and wonderful workmanship.

I'm just starting another G/S..this time going retro with a dual shock version of the original late '70s G/S. Of course the frame needs some bracing and wondered if you had any left over finished gussets or if the vector graphic data is still available?


Greg in Foster City


Originally Posted by x3300
Hi everyone,

I have really enjoyed the stories of other airhead bike build up projects, so will be posting mine, the build up of ORGS my Off-Road GS here.

I have a good general idea of what I want, but you'll have to follow along as the plan in my head unfolds. My intention is for ORGS to be a bike I can take on the highway and ride all day long for several days to get to a destination, say Moab, Baja, or Copper Canyon, spend a week or so doing some hard riding on unmaintained back roads, then make it back. I want it to be able to take a wipeout without a lot of damage, or cost to repair. That was a drawback of my GSPD. Windscreens, body panels, handle bars, etc. break and cost a lot.

As a base to start with I have bought this '92 GS with 27,000 miles:

And I got this run down '92 PD with 52,000 for parts:

The first thing I'll work on is to get the frame in order. I took a day to strip the parts bike down. Here is what is left that I'll start to craft into ORGS. It looks like a chicken to me:

I studied some photos of the frame upgrades done by various projects, and came up with these paper patterns, then cut them from metal I bought at the scrap yard:

It took a lot of work to get those gussets cut out using a pneumatic cutoff tools.

I made a digital scan of the finished gussets and I'll make some vector graphic data from them which can then be used by anyone interested to program a CAD controled plasma cutter. What took me several days will be able to be done in a few minutes.

Greg Hutchinson
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