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Originally Posted by DougZ73
I wanna see the best, non photo shopped, you have, and was shot with your point and shoot camera.

Some buddies and I are having a "discussion" about the abilities of P&S camera's. I think the kind of shots I wanna take are not with in the ability of my camera. I have not studied the manual, but I have played with some settings. I could still be wrong..and if so, so be it.
First, what do you mean by AMAZING? Seriously,an example or a little more definition would help us answer your question. Landscape? Action? night shots?

I'm surprised a bunch of hardcore photographers haven't responded yet, but I'll try even though I think there's far more knowledgeable guys around here that could help. I was in the same dilemma as yourself not long ago, always in wonderful places taking photos that I thought were sub par compared to others I was viewing, at least on an "amazing" scale. Now and then I'd get one that blew me away, but I didn't understand why, I just got lucky. Then the best thing that ever happened to my photography last year...I was laid off for 8 months. Without a lot of money but lots of time I decided I would learn what all the options on my camera actually did, and with all the free online tutorials it was easy. I also learned that with some VERY basic knowledge I saw my photos improve drastically...and my knowledge is still at a lower level, but it's like teaching a motorcycle rider basic techniques like counter steering and watching his riding improve overnight while saving advanced techniques for later. And like riding we know a skilled rider can do amazing things with entry level bikes while a noob on the latest and greatest will still be a noob....same with cameras.

As for the "no photoshop" requirement, I've never used photoshop. But are you referring to photographers that drastically change a photo, or simple adjustments with any photo editing program? I'm willing to bet most of the shots you see as amazing have had at least some minor color correction, or exposure adjustment or maybe a LOT. From what I've seen , if you don't want to spend ANY time on your computer post processing you may be better with a P&S as they tend to process images with boosted colors and sharpness added while higher end cameras may give you a more neutral photo because they assume you are at least a hobbyist and will do that yourself with an artists eye instead of letting the camera do it's best to guess for you. And what's the difference between selecting a "vivid" (or any other special) setting on your camera now, or later in post processing? My DSLR requires more adjustments after, while my P&S sometimes none at all to have the same colors etc.

So to a few photos . I have both a good P&S and a low end DSLR. The P&S shines for landscape photography with it's huge Depth of Field that's harder to get with most DSLRS, on the flip side if you wish to isolate your subject it's hard to do with a P&S unless you're really close with the back ground far away. I don't know if any of these qualify as amazing, but here's some examples of what I can do with my P&S.

Taken last week in Yosemite

Coastal Redwoods

Two photos stitched

You can get a smaller depth of field in macro mode on most cameras

Or by adjusting the aperture and composing the scene so the back ground is far enough away the its out of the DOF

Again, I don't know if any of this is what you're looking for, but I'm pretty happy with this sort of photography, and there are plenty of pics that blow these away taken with P&S if you search some photo forums, but I'm still learning.

Of course there are some things that you just need a DSLR and better lenses for, but remember you aren't just commiting to more expensive gear but lots of time to learn to use it properley, or your pictures may actually look worse.
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