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Below is a question I have asked 15 more Mexican Nationals this week and their replies are all the same. I have posted one actual email followed by their answer to my question.

Buenas Dias: I have a couple of questions concerning Mexican culture if you have the time. They involve paying traffic tickets to the police and the use of checks/money orders.

1. Do most people just pay the police when stopped or do they go to the police office to pay?

2. Do most people in Mexico write checks/money orders to pay bills or do they pay in cash?

Unfortunately that is the way to do the things in Mexico, police is corrupt and the people is very busy.

If you get a ticket from de police you have to go to their office to pay for it and it will take you almost half day, does not matter if it is much or little money, otherwise if you offer 50 or 100 pesos to the police the will lack slips by. Maybe you will spend a little less or more money but you donīt need to spend your precious time on it. I know itīs not the right way, sadly, is what people do. that is why Mexico is what it is.

About the other question, this is the order as people pay their bills, a 60% pay credit card, 30% cash 10% checks. can take the words of some gringos or that of a natioinal. Again it is up to you.
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