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Originally Posted by MikeMike
Take half a day to pay a fine here? Not likely. But then again, you wouldn't know how long it takes to pay a fine because you never have paid one.
But you are an expert on that, too. LMAO


Fair or not, around here supposedly the Guv'ner cleaned house of all the Reynosa Transitos a few years ago because they were pickin' on the gringos.

Now I hear that we go to the front of the line at the police station, with the poor officer being told "Why the hell did you bring him here??"

Seriously, I did get stopped by the Transitos last year and they did it by the book when they realized that they had stopped a middle-aged Norte Americano that didn't have drugs or weapons.

So if you aren't doing anything wrong (and as the folks have mentioned, if you did the crime then expect to pay the fine) then I wouldn't get too tense. Fines in Mexico for minor speeding and such are on the order of $20US; just consider it a tip towards the Policeman's Pension Fund, smile and go on.
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