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Originally Posted by burrohas3wheels
My questions to Mexican Nationals have all been asked of freinds currently living in Mexico whom I have know personally for over 2 years. These are people who trust me not as a aquaintance but as a local and friend. Their responses have not been embelished by me.
Amigo ... Mexico is a big ... read "huge" country. And like the USA things change from state to state, and city to city.

And like it or not, fair or unfair, in many places there are at least two tiers of guv'mint. What applies to working class locals doesn't necessarily apply to travelers.

Case in point. I was hangin' with a guy who did some translations in ultra-tourist friendly Nuevo Progreso and he pointed out that he was happy to be with me because we could walk up and down the streets with a beer in our hands. If he - a local - did that the cops would bust him. But hangin' with me, he didn't have any worries.

Local folks have issues with the authorities that don't necessarily apply to tourists.

And tourists get special and inappropriate attention in some circles because the gendarmes think that we are stupid, don't know the laws, and have too much money.

So a little knowledge of the laws ($100 is ridiculous for a fine; $20 is more like it) coupled with a sense of humour goes a helluva long way.

MikeMike is right. Listen to him.
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