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Let me preface this post as meaning no disrespect to those who have paid off cops in the past. This is simply another perspective that I hope
and pray everyone will at least consider.

I am going to say it one more time. The problem with corruption is that it doesn't just end with the bribing of a police officer. It continues and continues. It is a chain of events. A lot of people simply think the officer pockets the money, they don't see the political machine behind it. Cops are appointed politically, same for DA's, same for any position of public servitude in Mexico. It is all through nepotism, corruption, etc...
So you are not just funding one officer, you are funding an entire political machine. Don't believe me? Go ask your 15 nationals again about how the system really works.

So yeah, I get a little PO'd when someone says it is okey dokey to just pay off a cop every time they shake you down. Why? Because I have been living here permanently approaching two decades and traveled here since 1978 when I was young and dumb, I have family here, I have a vested interest in seeing Mexico succeed against corruption and prosper as it should and offer some hope for a future for its young people instead of the cynicism and systematic corruption that is rampant.

No, I wasn't born in Mexico, but it is common sense that if you take off your shoes in your home you should not stomp through someone's place with your dirty boots. Remember that Mexicans fight corruption all the time.

If you really want to sell a DVD and give advice about Mexico you should think about including how NOT TO PAY corruption. That is to say "What you have to do if you have not broken a law and are unfairly targeted."
If you have broken a law then it is case closed. Instead of flashing money, show some respect and class and own up to your actions as you would in the USA.

Nobody ever explains how NOT TO PAY, it just isn't as glamorous as giving someone the "inside advice" on how to deal with those evil federales and transito cops.

Anybody can bribe a cop, but too few have the know how to not pay and take it to another level out of standing up for their principles. So how do you do it? You simply say "no", you don't offer a single centavo, and you hold your ground. They'll either capitulate or take you in. Guess what?
In all my time I have never been taken in. Not once. It's not called a "Mexican Standoff" for nothing. Sure they will try to bully you and BS you with all kinds of shinanigans, but if you remain firm they will capitulate and let you go with a "warning" which you will "respectfully" acknowledge because you depart leaving them having saved face which is the single most important feature in a macho partriarchial culture in Mexico. You shake their hand and you can wash it later without embarassing them.
That is how the dance goes.

It is easier for them to simply go looking for one of the "15 nationals" that will eagerly pay and be victimized. They'll find them or one of the people that have bought into the bribery "advice". It is easy to find another sucker that can be bullied and cajoled into paying up.

If this sounds too much like a rant, sorry for that. But I really encourage ADV riders to say "no" respectfully or pay the fine if it is valid. It won't sell someone's DVD but it will make the world a better place for the next rider coming through.

The sign reads "Please don't feed corruption" with emphasis on the "please".

Make a difference by passing on advice as to how not to pay, that is what is going to sell your DVD's.

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