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First stop by the cops in TJ. I had a blazer with expired STICKER on the plate, but the reg was up to date. The person i bought it from had told me the sticker would be mailed, which i later learned was not true, and that he just most likely lost the sticker, BUT, the reg WAS paid and current. I was stopped for not having a current sticker on the plate in TJ. We argued back and forth about the registration being current, but that yes, i was missing the sticker. SO i looked him right in the eyes and said, "Fine, you wait right here, i'm going to go look on another car for a sticker and put it on mine so you'll shut up and leave me alone." a few minutes later he was gone, no "fine" no bribe.

2nd - I got stopped for riding my motorcycle in TJ without blinkers. I had just come back from a track day. He asked me, i splained it, and he said, ok, the fine is 20$. I said, I don't have any money. he said, if you don't pay the "fine" you'll have to come to the station with me, I said, OK, let's go. he said he'll let me off with just a warning this time. I said, that's what i thought. No fine, No bribe.

3rd - In my cargo van, there's only two seats, I was not driving and was sitting on a 5gal bucket in the back, which is why we got pulled over. Cop said, you need to have seat belts on, I said hold on, grabbed the bag of tie downs and started making a seat belt. he said, if you did that to the cops in the US wouldn't you get in trouble, I said yeah, but we're not in the US. No fine, no bribe.

4th - in a friends lincoln coming from Adelitas: Windows were tinted post factory and that's why we were pulled over. Cop says, windows are tinted, friend says, yeah, they're from the factory that way. He said, what about the spot where a cell phone antennae used to be (where there was not tinting.)
Friend said, oh i don't know about that.
Cop said something like, how much do you pay down here.
I don't pay anything.
NO, nothing.
ok have a good night.
No fine no bribe

5th - I pulled a bean move and turned left from the right lane of 4 at a red light. Got pulled over, and cop said why he pulled me over,
I said, yeah, i know,
he says, ok that'll be..... mmmmm 20$.
I said, ok, I don't have any money.
ok, i'll let you off with a warning.
That's what i thought.
no fine, no bribe.

6th - pulled over on the R1 for being white. wasn't a cop, was in plain clothes, so for all i know could have been a jacker. he's asking me about the reg and my license, I said, it's at my house around the corner, why don't you follow me there, and i'll show you. he said nothanks, that wont be necessary. and as i'm starting the bike back up, I'm telling him, don't ever fuckin pull me over again for no reason F'in piece of shit. no fine, no bribe.

7th - pulled over for brake light being out.
He said, the fine is usually 500 pesos, but do you want me to help you?
I said, yeah, give me a screwdriver so i can fix my light.
he said, no i don't think you understand, do you want me to give you a lesser fine.
I said, no, i want you to give me a screwdriver so i can fix my light.
he said, how about you give me 200 pesos and we'll just forget about this. since i had alot of toys and such strapped to the bike, I didn't feel like dealing with it. I gave him 200 pesos, said, have a bean taco for me, and took off.

six years, plenty of chances to get F'ed with by the cops, and only 200 pesos out. i don't pay these F'ers unless the risk isn't worth the reward.

OH, just remembered. went to jail for kidnapping and minor prostitution. and because the girl, who ran away from home because her dad was beating her and stealing her money, wouldn't roll on us, they beat her, and let us go less than the standard 48 hours later.

And the bleeding heart liberals wonder why we're so dead set against letting these poeople into our country. They just don't get the different in socio-economics and how it IS affecting our country.

Whatever, i've lived in TJ for six years, and i'm used to the BS.

Don't let these pieces of shit push you around. if you know you've done nothing wrong, tell them you've done nothing wrong, and say, are we done here??? have a good day. When they see you're not going to roll over, they'll usually let you go and look for the weaker gazelle.
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