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Can u smell the It's Its?
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Do you find the mint flavor enhances your iOs pleasure?

Thanks for the details. Much appreciated.

Just to keep this on-thread - I had been using the Geocaching app but don't much anymore. It's pretty well put together, and fun for the kids, but I believe it's doing something under the covers that causes it to chew through the battery too quickly. Until they get that figured out I either use it sparingly on the iPhone or look for caches via the home/work computer.

Originally Posted by antonv
cable with o-ring terminals with inline fuse from battery to sae male - powerlet tankbag connector (sae female to female) - powerlet sae male to dual cigarette sockets adapter - griffin powerjolt dual usb cigarette adaptor.

one cigarette for the iphone(dual usb cigg unit), one for my V1, or to recharge the Sena unit (havent had to yet....excellent battery life).

I turn off wifi, push email & put the screen brightness down a little bit....stays charged the whole time. Mounted on a ram mount handlebar mount, and I keep a non-lubricated "novelty/mint flavor" condom in the bag if it rains. Havent had to use it yet(for motorcycle or recreation).

The powerlet tankbag adapter isnt 100% waterproof. I purchased some clear silicone sealant to get into the little spots where water could get in. The problem is, these spots are tight & you cant cut a hole small enough in the sealant tube. I think im gonna buy a turkey marinating needle/injector, and try to suck up the silicone & seal the tankbag mount on the outside.
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