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Now for the left hand side TB ;)

First thing, undo the two screws holding the TBS to the TB.

Gently pull the TPS out of it's place

Here's how it looks on the inside

Now undo the two small screws that hold the plate

Go WOT and get the plate out from the old shaft

Now undo the big nut on the pulley side

Note that there is a slim washer on the shaft, under the not. Don't let that one fall off

Get the shaft out by pressing it with your finger, from the pulley side towards the TPS side; if it's not working with your finger, get it out using a small hammer, but be very gentle!

Note that there is a c-circlip and a washer on the shaft; the circlip has to be renewed, it's in the new kit ;)

Now take the pulley out. It's held by the spring so you may have to de-attach the spring from one side first in order to get the pulley out.

Get the old o-ring out. The new one is provided in the kit. There is an oring only on the pulley side, the one in the TPS side is actually mounted on the TPS and it does not see any action, and it doesn't wear.

Now you will have to take the old bushings out. I didn't do that on this TB because it was OK and didn't need anything, but you can follow the procedure from the post above, the R/H intake, it works just the same.
The only difference is that on this side, one bushing is shorter, 9 mm, unlike the other ones, 12 mm.

After you have removed the old bushings and installed the new ones, it's time to re-assembly everything back as it was.

On the new shaft, install the c-clip and the thick washer like so

Press the shaft into the TB

Don't press it all the way in, only like this, because you won't be able to install the pulley ;)

Put the o-ring on the shaft, it's in the kit

Now, put one plastic bushing on the TB, put the spring, put the other plastic bushing over the spring. Note the spring position

To do things more easy, use the same trick with some wire pulling the spring ;)

You don't have to pull now, just install the wire there ;)

Now it's time to insert the pulley onto the TB

Once you get it in this position, allign the shaft to it, making sure that in rest position, the screws that hold the plate to the shaft can be screwd in the way the air flows from the airbox to the engine.

Now you can press the shaft intop the pulley all the way in.

Get the spring attached to the pulley

Make sure that the spring stays where it's supose to

Now get the plate into the shaft

This would have to be the harders and most time-consuming job, but don't worry, you will be able to get the plate in and the pulley to rest on it's stopping screw ;)

Now, screw the parge nut on the pulley part. Don't over doi it, as it doesn't need to be screwed too hard! It won't come off neighter by itself

Now, make sure that the plate rests on it's stopping screw, go WOT and let the spring do it's job, you should hear that "klank" sound.

Make sure that the TPS looks like this where it meets the TB

You want that part to be alligned with the shaft in the resting position.

Attach the TPS to the TB, just pres it in

Now screw the two screws holding the TPS, but not too tight, as you will be needing to adjust it after mounting the TB to the bike.

And... voila!

Remember that after doing a TB job, you will need to
  • sync the bike;
  • attach the ground cable if you are doing the L/H side TB;
  • also, if the left TB is done, you will need to adjust the TPS; example here
  • clean the TB's with plenty of carb cleaner, you don't want any dirt to be sucked into the engine
That's it!

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