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Monday Oct. 12th
Monday dawned overcast with threatening skies, particularly to the south. Brad and Kate were along again, and due to weather we decided to…………. head south into the dark clouds, why? Because it looked like the longest and twistiest route, of course!

We had a few sprinkles and damp pavement but no real rain for the first hour, we headed back to the village of Leonessa, to look around. Werode into the village square to find it filled with abandon tents from the weekend Potato festival. By then it had started to rain, so they served the purpose of keeping us dry while we donned our rain gear.

We were headed to one of the highest water fall in Europe, Cascata delle Marmore. Another unique thing is it was built by the Romans about 300 B.C., thus making it the tallest man made waterfalls in the world. On top of the history, additionally the falls is shut it off at regular intervals! Unfortunately in October, they only shut it off on Friday afternoons, so we were not able to witness a waterfall “turning on”. The falls was impressive just the same.

We grabbed lunch at the base of the falls, hoping the skies might clear, but no such luck. We headed north on the little white roads, that twist and turn and are nearly devoid of traffic. We were headed to Spoleto, yet another historic city on a hill.
As we wound north the weather began to clear, and soon we were on dry roads again, allowing us to run a little more fun pace.
Spoleto has a Roman aqua/via duct that runs across the valley, and still stands.

Spoleto knows how to treat tourists, there is a castle at the top, but only a few streets running up through town. So you park at the bottom of town and take a series of Escalators up to the top of town, probably running you up 700-1000 vertical feet. We got off the escalators, and the women headed down to the Churches, and Brad and I decided we would rather hike up to the fort, so we headed up, climbing ½ mile uphill to the fort. Great views, but the place was closed so we could not get inside. After we climbed up, we found out there was an elevator near the escalators that would have saved the steep walk to the top, but instead we took it down to save time.

We walked down into town a little way and I found a store that was selling the fine Montefalco Rosso 2005, that we were served the night before, and bought a bottle. We did not see the wives yet, so we want to the Gelato shop and enjoyed a little snack. The wives finally came back to meet us at the top of the escalators, bearing gifts, more gelato! Not wanting to waste it, we had a second helping.

Back on the road and getting late we were headed to our hotel in Todi, yet another city on a hill.

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