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Intersting how somebody mentioned that they never Bought a bad bike; I've never been that restrained... but the years seem to blur some of the frustrations, and I don't seem to remember ever Selling a bad bike. Some of the noteables... A mid 50's Cotton-- British trials bike with an Earles style front suspension, and no appreciable rear suspension that I recall. It had a 2 stroke Villiers motor and how it ran depended on... something that I never figured out. Phases of the moon maybe, but I remember buying it for $35 and selling it a year later for $50. Thought I was a genius, but if I had it now, how much would it be worth? Shortly after that I bought a brand new 1970 Moto Beta motocrosser. It was a gnarley looking 100 cc -much better than my Honda 90 of the time. It had the first 6 speed transmission that I've ever had, and a power band of maybe 100 RPM. The first half hour of shifting up and down was prety cool, but made for a long day. I've never seen another one-- I traded it for a BSA 441. Somebody else wrote a chapter on those heart breakers.
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