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Originally Posted by motojoe
Are you saying you want to ride one on the street or hit one in a cage? if its the first one, uh okay. If you want to hit one, stop driving until you figure out whats wrong in your life that you are so fucked up.
Oh, I know why my life is fucked up, my question to you is why are you so judgemental as to call my life fucked up? Do you know anything about my life? Do you have ny idea of who I am or how I live my life? Nope, I don't think so, I make a joking comment about these clowns and their mini motos operating anywhere they want in any manner they want, and wishing to administer a little fender correction to their misdeeds and I get this judgement from you that my life is "fucked up".
In response
For the love of Baldy, would someone please buy my bikes?

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