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Originally Posted by Steve Lavigne
I had the stock map, newer stock map, and then the newer akropovic map. Seemed like there is a little more top end and a little less snatch with the Akropovic map. It is definitely thirstier.

I'll be sending my Akropovic map. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but it looks like this map has the EPC and O2 sensor disabled. It does show that the SAI and 2nd throttle are enabled.

EDIT: MY tps reads from 0% to 94%. Too bad some of the test and adjust functions currently do not work.
Funny, I uploaded the same map as you, and personally I thought that was the absolute worst map by a log way that I had tried, and you thought it was the best.

On the TPS, reading the SD forum, is seems you should sync the TB's, then set the TPS fully open position so it's just under 100 (~95) when cold or ~100 (99) when warm, that will give you a high TPS of 5~10% at closed. Run the 15min idle trick and that will re-set the TPS to 0%. That way you can get very close to the full range of 0-100% TPS and the map works as listed in the tables.
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