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Originally Posted by bikyto
Thanks Ken, got my cable. downloading the map as I type this!
I will send Alain/TuneECU my map with the ref of the bike. Awesome!

Then start tweaking.......

already 3 error codes.....
po122 - Throttle position sensor low voltage (short to ground or open circuit)
po201 - Injection 1 circuit malfunction
po202 - Injection 2 circuit malfunction

hum... the bike runs ok though... are you guys getting these? (getting these codes whether the bike is off or engine started)

well I erased them and they don't seem to be coming back... any clue why they would be there in the first place?
At some point in it's life the bike was probably started with a bad ground. If they clear and don't come back, don't worry.
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