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Tuesday Oct. 13th
We arrived in Todi last night, just in time to grab a beer before changing for dinner. Todi is suppose to be a nice historical city, but there were just too many things to fit in the schedule today, so we had to skip a visit, maybe next time. Brad and Kate were again our riding companions.

View from our room in Todi.

We were headed to the Mediterranean today, via a lot of twisting, rising, falling roads, they played out like a box of ribbon candy. And, ……… oh yea stops in Orvieto, yes, another walled city on a hill. The city has a large elaborate Duomo, and has been around since the third century B.C.!!!


We could not get inside this day as they were conducting a funeral, but the building is quite impressive from the outside.
There were a bunch of small shops lining the streets, so the wife decided to shop for family and friends, while I sat in a sidewalk café and had a cappuccino.

Who said you can’t have a garden in the city?

Aside from our destination in the Mediterranean, Rob said that if we wanted to meet at a place near Monte Amiata, at 1:00, that we could get a killer meal at a place in the middle of nowhere, that served a specialty dish made from the local plentiful sweet chestnuts, that littered the road in many places we had ridden. Our lodging tonight was one of the few nights that did not include dinner, as it was a double overnight and we would have our dinner tomorrow night. We usually eat fairly light at lunch, some soup, or many days just Gelato, or a slice of pizza, because of the 5 course meals every night, but as we didn’t have to worry about stuffing ourselves tonight, we could stuff ourselves at lunch.

After the wives got done shopping we headed out, again on excellent twisty ribbons of pavement. We tried to get in as many miles as we could on some great pavement, but the GPS said we were going to miss lunch if we didn’t hustle (like we needed and excuse to wick it up ). We finally realized that we were going to be REAL late if we did not deviate from our intended route, so we headed to the place as direct as we could, on the twistiest roads on the map.

We pulled up about 2:00, a little more than fashionably late, figuring we would catch the others just finishing their meal. But I should have known, if there are fun roads we ALL have the same problem getting there on time. Rob and Gretchen had just arrived and were outside, conversing with one of the Chefs, Giorgio, who happened to be a rider as well. We talked outside waiting for the 2 other couples to show up, while we enjoyed the cool fresh air and beautiful scenery.

Like most of Europe, the Italians close shop at about 3:00, to take a break before dinner. So at 2:30 we felt we should head inside to eat without the others. Giorgio gave us some excellent recommendations, unfortunately we were a couple of weeks early for the chestnut specialty. Sadly we started with some pasta and sauce, Kate had ordered some mushroom soup, and although I like mushrooms to complement foods, I am not crazy about them solo. But as mushrooms abound in the area, I thought I would give it a shot, I also ordered some fresh pork sausage to finish the off the meal.
After the excellent pasta appetizer, the “soup” showed up, it could better be described as fresh mushroom stew in a bread bowl!!! DELICIOUS!!!

The sausage, as seen in the upper corner, was delicious too! And of course dessert to finish it off.

Back on the road, we again took the long route to the hotel, arriving after dark, but in time to gather at the bar for a few rinks and great conversation with the rest of the group, before a great night’s sleep, breathing fresh, cool, crisp Mediterranean air.

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