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Originally Posted by Dracothius
I doubt this question needs to be asked but, how reliable do you guys think the new highland bikes are gonna be? One being horrible and ten being no problems. I wouldn't ask this but, I bought an aprilia rxv 5.5 and it's basically a twin dirt bike with high tech parts which is what a highland is but the aprilia has given me nothing but trouble. It's made me somewhat paranoid. I know that the aprilia is basically a lemon but I'm still scared of high tech dirt machines. I'm pretty sure the highlands are gonna be good but I need to hear it for reassurance. I would probably get the flat tracker and ride it steet/dirt with the more docile 950 for longer life. I don't think I'd race it a whole lot. Any advice would be great, thanks.
High tech, hmm, not so sure about that. Most of what I see on the forthcoming(?) US Highlands is tried and tested over a number of years. Wheels, brakes, suspension and running gear are nothing but the best. The only 'high tec' I see is the new material and design of the frame in a development of stainless steel on some of the bikes that, if what I've read is right, is likely to give exceptional performance and durability. The other area being the electronics and engine management which in general seems to be fairly bulletproof these days

It is unlikely if US Highland want to succeed long term that they will take short cuts in manufacture (the biggest source of unreliability after lazy and incompetent owners) and of course that will be reflected in the price. Let's hope we get what we pay for
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