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Let the games begin!

Ok, lets play.

I found the same reading on the throttle opening on my 07 when cold from 1% to 96%.
EDIT: (my voltage was .66 cold and closed throttle.) shit, or was that while i had it running... i will have to recheck that one today.

Also found a few error codes..
TPS..low volt or short?......p0122
Front injector circuit malfunction?....p0201
Air inlet temp. i remember doing that one....p0113

Also what would be an aceptible diference in the throttle body sink.
I was at 3 or 4 bars when i read mine and they would fluctuate a bit but the numbers looked something like this... 377 and 365

As for the voltages, i think they are the same. It looks like we are aiming for 3.6v or is it 3.8v with wide open throttle, Hoping that those that have done this will chime in with there experience with this.....Please correct me if i am wrong..

from the SD forum....
With a warm running engine it should be showing 0.6v - when cold this will be slightly more. This is because when you switch the engine on the idle speed control motor will slightly open the throttle. Then when the motor fires it will gradually reduce the throttle, depending on engine temperature.

I would take a reading before making any adjustments - as you will then have something to aim for if you need to revert back.

Also if you sync throttle bodies, this will also slightly alter the TPS voltage. So you should ideally get your valves in spec, new air filter and service etc, then set throttle sync and then set TPS.

All of the above is also the reason why a map created for one bike may not be 100% suited to a different but exact same spec bike.
And one more.
ok I set my tps to 6.4 V while running at running temp (got it close at cold by putting it to 3.8V at cold and full throttle)

bike has lost all snatchiness... it is now the smoothest bike I have ever ridden, it is incredible... Guy and I have seemingly stumbled accross the answer to our SD snatchy throttles... finely tune the tps and the bike is completely different.

I am happy to show others in bris how to do this if they are suffering from the dodgy throttles

I have found a new love at low speed riding and this new map that guy and I (mainly guy, I have only have richened it up a little up high at full throttle, and changed the F-L settings) is absolutely stonking!!!!!
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