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Thanks for sharing that info..
Originally Posted by nevermind
I'm running the 2010 990R map in my 2010 990A. Changes using tuneECU are:

Idle setting: 40c and 65c boxes set at 1650 rpms

F-L setting: 1000 rpms to 12, 1300 to 5 and the rest are set to 0.

***Note: I read you don't want to zero out these settings at too low an rpm. See:

I started at 1000, 1300 and 1450 set to stock and 2000 set to 5. I still had some unwanted jerkiness, so I moved the 5 and zero's to lower RPM's. I rode it between each setting and I like where I have it now until I can run it on a dyno with a gas analyzer.

SAI checkbox: Disabled

O2 Sensor checkbox: Enabled

2nd Throttle checkbox: Enabled

I just ran some slow speed stuff around my neighborhood using small throttle openings only and I have to say it is pretty doggone smooth. I can still make the bike lurch in some closed to open throttle transitions, but overall these settings are quite acceptable for me.

Just a note - I run the G2-400 throttle cam and the football shaped secondary butterflies from the guy over at
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